Vestry Road Spiritualist Church Call 0208 503 6942 Make Friends with Heaven A Fairy Based in Walthamstow East London Words from the higher world, By Mary, In our year 1999   Distribute freely around your world, And behave yourselves. What Next!  its you again © Copyright Mary 1999 DEATH Yesterday has gone it isnt alive you made it live when you was yesterday DEATH Today is this last day, you wont have it again at midnight it is DEATH It is one day behind you DEATH We have millions of people doing exactly what ... Waiting, bored, doing nothing, Adults ? Children do more in one day ? What does England do ? DEATH Its coming, YOU have been warned, and it will not go away DEATH Oh dear How morbid I would rather think about flowers and a cup of tea DEATH YOU dont have to do anything, DEATH We do this especially for you DEATH Smile....we really dont want to warn you - its   your   problem DEATH What are you going to do about it and when